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    December 2021
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    Discovering Scottish Unicorns: Dunfermline

    Abbot House Unicorn in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland © Scotiana 2015

    In every form or shape, the unicorn has always fascinated me and thus, I have gathered many collectables over the years, be it stamps, figurines, book covers, illustrations, postcards, photos…you name it!

    So, it is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity […]

    Unicorns from Scottish Kings to Canadian Coat of Arms

    Did you know that the unicorn gold coins of Scotland are among the most famous and curious of all gold pieces?

    Greg Reynolds wrote a very interesting article in his series about the fabulous Eric Newman Collection of European coins that went on sale in early January 2014 in which he states :

    Scottish Rarities


    Behind Long-Loved Fables Are Great Stories!

    Indeed, behind long-loved fables of gallants and fairy tales, are great stories, but … are they true?

    Let’s take for example the fable about Sir Walter Raleigh, a very handsome gentleman, quick-witted gallant, who’s story is said to have laid down his cloak over a mud puddle when Elizabeth I, Queen of England passing […]

    Scotland’s rich heritage of folk tales, myths and legends



    Orkney Ring of Brodgar © 2003 Scotiana

    As a child touring Scotland I constantly nagged my parents to visit stone circles, brochs and standing stones. As I grew older I began to realise that many of these ancient sites had stories told of them and I found these stories […]

    Robert Burn’s Poet’s Path in Alloway(video)

    Ayrshire Coastal Walking Path – Scotland – Source:

    Hi Mairiuna!

    From all the marvelous paths one can travel while exploring the Scottish walking trails, one that I would be delighted to experiment is the Ayrshire Coastal path as illustrated in the map above. Just imagine how exciting it is to see seals, porpoise […]