May 2024
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Happy Hogman-eh! a Canadianized twist…

Happy Hogmanay, Happy Hogman-eh, Happy New Year et Bonne Année 2023!

The Scottish word for New Year’s Eve, Hogmanay, refers to the ancient Norse festival of Yule, celebrated at the turn of the year.

Today, the New Year’s eve party in Edinburgh, is one of the grandest, most spectacular, and most extravagant street festivals […]

Scottish Place Names Province of Quebec

Scottish Place Names in Quebec

Hello Dear Friends,

The maple trees will soon be vibrant with colors of red and golden-yellow and all their multiple combinations as we are now entering the autumn season.

It brings back the beautiful memories of when MairiUna and Jean-Claude flew fom France in the fall of 2010 to […]

New Glasgow Quebec once the smallest village in Canada

New Glasgow

While googling for the physical address of nearby retail store, I notice a name on Google’s map that captured my attention : New Glasgow.

Could it be that a Canadian-Scottish link is near where I live? (I’m based in St-Jérôme, near Ste-Sophie, approximately 50 km north of Montreal, in the beautiful province of […]

Scottish flavors in the Canadian Maritimes

Hiking through spectacular views and autumn colors in Nova Scotia

Feeling a call to escape the city’s noises and distractions, I was contemplating a road trip that would get me closer to the nature and by the sea.

In the CAA Quebec monthly automobile association magazine, I stumbled upon an article depicting the Cape Breton […]

Quebec Scottish Village Riviere-La Guerre


Dear friends, I am so excited to write about the story of an abandoned village, Rivière de La Guerre, located in the province of Quebec, where Scottish settlers began to come over from the Hebrides Archipelago, west of the Highlands.

Originally, the area was called Godmanchester. Named after a man known as Francois dit […]