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    Rob Roy Came Alive Under Sir Walter Scott’s Pen…and Now Lives Again In Scotiana’s Audio Series

    Rob Roy MacGregor - Engraving
    Rob Roy MacGregor – Engraving – Source: Wikipedia

    In February of 1671, was born in Glengyle, a couple of hundred yards above river Gyle’s northern bank, near Loch Katrine, the third son of Donald MacGregor (aka Donald Glas, or pale, from the natural pallor of his skin), a chief of Clan Gregor and his wife Margaret Campbell.

    Map of Scotland - Rob Roy's country

    Rob Roy’s Country – Scotland

    Rob Roy‘s descent was from both the Clan Gregor and Clan Campbell chieftains of Glengyle and Glenlyon. Donald Glas and his clan were protestants. The parish church of Callander was nominally of the Presbyterian Church, but the minister had sympathy for the Episcopalians and later, for the Jacobites.

    Rob Roy MacGregor from Scotland Painting

    He had his mother’s bright red hair, eye-catching even by candlelight,a halo destined to darken with the years, as hers had too, but meantime to be enjoyed, her boy’s peculiar glory and constant reminder of her lost youth. If she already called him “Rab ruadh” (anglicised by the world to Rob Roy) she would breathe it as an inward whisper, for ill-luck was held to attend open declaration before the sprinkling of water.

    Rob Roy was of middle height or little under – the average height of Highlanders was 5’4″ to 5’6″ -spare and compact with an extraordinary breadth of shoulder. His strongly muscled legs were likened to those of a Highland bull, both in light-footed agility and thighs furred with red hair. No less remarkable were the length and power of his arms. When Scott was told of this, he forgot about the Highlander’s peculiar sense of humour – a gift gross exaggeration, which they delight in using to point up a general truth. Instead of giving Scott the prosaic fact that Rob Roy had long arms, they said, “Och, the man could tie his garters without stooping”, and Scott in writing passed this onto posterity as literal truth. Rob Roy MacGregor, his life and times. W.H. Murray, Richard Drew Publishing, 1982

    Reminds me of myself: when friends and family tell me things, I have a tendency of absorbing same at first degree while they are just kidding and putting me on. ūüôā

    The life of this famous Highland partisan inspired Sir Walter Scott in 1817 to write Rob Roy, which was published anonymously on December 31st, in three volumes.

    Since then, it’s been re-printed in numerous copies! As mentioned in earlier posts, Mairiuna and I are fascinated by the beautiful graphic designs of the different editions and we cannot resist buying a same title when the book cover differs from the ones we have.

    Here’s a small image gallery sampling some editions:

    Mosaic Rob Roy Walter Scott Waverley Novels

    To put ourselves in the historical context, let’s mention that in 1707 the Union Act ended Scotland’s independence and gave birth to a new nation: Great Britain.

    Many Highlanders resented the accession of the Hanoverian King George, and this fact lightened up explosive situations between Highlanders and Lowlanders.

    Rob and his father joined the Jacobite rising led by John Graham of Claverhouse, Viscount Dundee, along with many Highland chiefs and chieftains, to support the Stuart King James II and VII who had been deposed by William of Orange, the Stadtholder of the Netherlands and a scheming, ambitious Protestant but also the son-in-law of King James.

    Rob Roy by Sir Walter Scott, Edinburgh Edition 2008

    Rob Roy – Sir Walter Scott The Edinburgh Edition of The Waverley Novels, 2008

    Since Rob Roy is a favourite among Scott’s books, we are happy to offer our readers an audio rendering of this popular novel belonging the Waverley series.

    Get a beverage of your choice, sit down comfortably and then click on the audio players below to listen (in English or French version) the adventures of Francis, a businessman’s son who falls out of favour with his father and is sent to stay in the Scottish Highlands.

    At his uncle’s house, he meets Rashleigh, the youngest son (to whom Francis’s father will leave his inheritance), and beautiful Diana Vernon, Rashleigh’s cousin.

    Diana Vernon from the novel Rob Roy by Sir Walter Scott

    Diana Vernon by Millais (1880) from the novel Rob Roy novel – Photo Martin Beek on Flickr

    When Rashleigh sees Diana attracted to Francis, he determines to destroy him. Rashleigh did not foresee that Francis would seek the help of Rob Roy MacGregor, a very powerful outlaw who fights with courage for justice and dignity for the people of Scotland.

    Even though the plot unveils itself slowly, do be patient! as it becomes a fascinating tale of adventure and love.

    The glorious Scottish past will unveil itself in this historical portrait of the haunted Highlands, as the story of the “Robin Hood” of Scotland begins…

    Rob Roy by Sir Walter Scott , Thomas Nelson and Sons 1905 edition

    Rob Roy by Sir Walter Scott , Thomas Nelson and Sons 1905 edition

    English version – Chapter 1


    Narration: Janice


    Rob Roy by Sir Walter Scott

    Rob Roy by Sir Walter Scott

    Version francaise – Chapitre 1

    [audio:2010 MA Rob Roy 18.mp3]

    Narration: Mairiuna


    Note : we estimated the reading time of this novel to be approximately twenty five hours. Therefore, we are chunking it down into chapters.

    UPDATE:¬† A¬†dedicated section was created on the blog to house the ongoing¬†recording¬†of Rob Roy’s novel. Click here to access the page => Scotiana’s Audios On Air!


    Rob Roy’s Statue, Stirling Castle, Scotland Photo: gumdropgas on Flickr

    Rob Roy passed away on December 28th, 1734 in Balquhidder, Perthshire.

    Rob Roy's grave - Balquhidder - Perthshire,Scotland © Scotiana 2006

    Rob Roy’s grave – Balquhidder – Perthshire – Scotland ¬© Scotiana 2006

    My foot is on my native heath,

    and my name is Rob Roy McGregor

    Rob Roy's grave - Balquhidder - Perthshire - Scotland © Scotiana 2006

    Rob Roy’s grave – Balquhidder – Perthshire – Scotland ¬© Scotiana 2006

    Talk soon,


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