Rob Roy by Walter Scott - Scottish Literature


The legendary "Robin Hood" of Scotland


'Scott's admirers have never agreed on which is his finest or greatest novels. (The same is true of Dickens and his devotees.) There are six or seven candidates. But Rob Roy has always been among the most popular; the first edition of 10,000 copies sold out in a fortnight. No doubt the title helped. It promised readers eager for Romance that Scott was returning to the world of Waverley and the wild landscape of The Lady of the Lake. 

The opening has disappointed many. Scott usually took a few chapters to get into his stride, and this has led some to dismiss him as heavy or plodding. In reality, the reverse is true; once embarked on the story porper, he is wonderfully rapid, sometimes carelessly so. Neverless, a lot of readers - especially schoolboys in those now-distant days when a Scott novel was assigned them as a holiday task - have found these early chapters heavy going, and have wondered when Rob Roy himself would appear and take charge of the novel.

They may have agreed with John Buchan that 'the preliminaries are out of all decent proportion' and so may have 'stuck fast in them and never crossed the Border' into Scotland. 

Yet perseverance is rewarded, and some may be encouraged by the thought that Robert Louis Stevenson named Rob Roy as his favourite Scott novel. '

(Rob Roy - Walter Scott - Folio Edition 2001 - extract from the Introduction by Allan Massie)

         Mr Obaldistone, his son Frank and Owen           
         Frank declines his father's proposal           
         The journey begins... Chapter 03     Chapitre 03    
         First encounter with a Scotch gentleman Chapter 04     Chapitre 04     
         Arrival at Osbaldistone Hall Chapter 05    Chapitre 05
         Frank meets his uncle and cousins Chapter 06 Chapitre 06     
         Frank is accused of robbery Chapter 07     Chapitre 07     
        CHAPTER 08        CHAPITRE 08   
         CHAPTER 09       CHAPITRE 09     
      CHAPTER 10        CHAPITRE 10
        CHAPTER 11         CHAPITRE 11
         CHAPTER 12         CHAPITRE 12
        CHAPTER 13         CHAPITRE 13
         CHAPTER 14         CHAPITRE 14
         CHAPTER 15         CHAPITRE 15
      CHAPTER 16         CHAPITRE 16
         CHAPTER 17        CHAPITRE 17
         CHAPTER 18    CHAPITRE 18
         CHAPTER 19         CHAPITRE 19
         CHAPTER 20    CHAPITRE 20
         CHAPTER 21        CHAPITRE 21
         CHAPTER 22         CHAPITRE 22
         CHAPTER 23         CHAPITRE 23
         CHAPTER 24         CHAPITRE 24
         CHAPTER 25    CHAPITRE 25
         CHAPTER 26    CHAPITRE 26
         CHAPTER 27    CHAPITRE 27
         CHAPTER 28         CHAPITRE 28
         CHAPTER 29        CHAPITRE 29
        CHAPTER 30        CHAPITRE 30
         CHAPTER 31    CHAPITRE 31
         CHAPTER 32    CHAPITRE 32
         CHAPTER 33         CHAPITRE 33
         CHAPTER 34         CHAPITRE 34
         CHAPTER 35        CHAPITRE 35
         CHAPTER 36         CHAPITRE 36
         CHAPTER 37         CHAPITRE 37
        CHAPTER 38         CHAPITRE 38
         CHAPTER 39          CHAPITRE 39


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 RobRoy by Walter Scott Scottish Literature