May 2024
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World’s Oldest Post Office has a New Lease on Life

Hello everyone! I have exciting news to share: The continued operation of the world’s most ancient functioning post office in southern Scotland is ensured, thanks to the acquisition by new proprietors.🎉

sanquhar_oldest_post_office_world_scotlandScotland has long been home to tales of the old and the new, of history merging with the contemporary, and of traditions that refuse to die.

One such tale is that of the world’s oldest post office, tucked away in the quiet town of Sanquhar.

But as with many historic landmarks, survival is never guaranteed, and in the face of modernity, such sites often teeter on the brink of obscurity.

Today, we delve into the importance of Sanquhar’s post office, not just for Scotland, but for the intricate tapestry of global postal history, philately and tourism.

A Glimpse into the Past

Having been in continuous operation since 1712, Sanquhar’s post office has seen the rise and fall of empires, the birth of nations, and the ceaseless march of technology. Its walls, if they could talk, would narrate tales of letters exchanged between loved ones separated by wars, news of births and deaths, and the mundane minutiae of life that, in retrospect, paints a vivid picture of history.

Challenges in the Present

However, as the world moved forward, driven by instant messaging and emails, traditional post offices, especially one as old as Sanquhar’s, began facing existential challenges. Despite its historical significance, it struggled to remain afloat, with the threat of closure looming like a dark cloud.

New Beginnings

It’s in this challenging backdrop that the announcement of new operators for the post office comes as a beacon of hope. While residing in Florida, Barry and Mary Ford came to know that the Sanquhar location was on the market.


Mr. Ford expressed his pride in becoming the 17th postmaster throughout the establishment’s extensive history.

The Fords were initially outbid for the post office but when that deal fell through they jumped at the chance to take over.

Mrs Ford has since discovered a connection to the area as her ancestors came from Muirkirk – about 25 miles by road from Sanquhar.

Source: BBC

The challenge ahead is undoubtedly steep, with the task of ensuring economic viability while honoring the legacy and importance of the establishment.

More Than Just Letters

For philatelists, the Sanquhar post office is a treasure trove. Its stamps, postmarks, and even the architecture of the building itself offer a journey through time. The post office isn’t just a place for mailing letters; it’s a living museum!

A Bridge Between Scotland, France, and Canada

The shared histories between Scotland, France, and Canada are rich and varied. From the Auld Alliance between Scotland and France to the Scottish immigrants who played pivotal roles in Canadian history, the threads of connection are many. And in this intertwined narrative, the Sanquhar post office stands as a testament to the enduring nature of communication and the bonds it fosters.

Heritage Site

As it embarks on a new chapter with fresh operators at its helm, it serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of preserving our past, even as we innovate for the future. For enthusiasts of history, stamp collecting, and the craft of writing, the Sanquhar post office stands as a symbol of enduring optimism and strength.


Alleluia! 😊

Until next, take care and all the very best,


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2 comments to World’s Oldest Post Office has a New Lease on Life

  • Michael Vincent

    How can we contact the Sanquhar post office to buy items, especially a cover with the postal cancellation?

  • Iain

    Hello Michael,

    Thank you for your interest in Scotiana. My best advice, I think, would be simply to communicate with the folks at Sanquhar by mail. I have copied – below – the address of the famous little Post Office, from a reply that I sent to another postal enthusiast some years ago!

    “The staff at Sanquhar receive a number of requests each year from philatelists and people interested in postal history. They’re busy, of course (as in post offices everywhere, there’s sometimes a queue) but they’ll be happy to stamp and return a postcard if you write to them at: Sanquhar Post Office, 39/41 High Street, SANQUHAR, Dumfries and Galloway. DG4 6DJ Great Britain.”

    All best wishes from Scotland.


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