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    ‘The Scottish Chiefs’ by Jane Porter

    Bought so many books the day we spent hours in¬†The Book Shop in Wigtown Mairiuna, that I can hardly remember all the titles. ūüėČ

    How funny !!!…do you remember how Jean-Claude had to tuck away some of our books inside the spare tire section of the car so that we could take them back home ? ¬†We were ready to leave many things behind ( and finally had to )¬†but¬† certainly not the books !¬† I wonder…did JC find that so¬†funny? It’s always the same story…lucky we are¬†he¬†be¬†a master in¬†the art of managing¬†storage space.

    The Scottish Chiefs - Jane Porter - Frontispice

    The Scottish Chiefs - Jane Porter - Frontispice

    But coming back to your question, yep … I bought The Scottish Chiefs by Jane Porter during our book quest into the Scottish section of the shop. The colour illustrations caught my eye. They are from N.C. Wyeth, an american artist and illustrator.

    As mentioned in Wikipedia, his craft was sometimes seen as melodramatic, but his illustrations were designed to be understood quickly. Take a look at this one. The facts speak for themselves.

    Wallace and Marion - Illustration by N.C. Wyeth

    Wallace and Marion - Illustration by N.C. Wyeth

    My¬†edition of the book is that of¬†1933 and it was published by Charles Scribner’s Sons, NY, USA. The first Scribner publication was in 1921 and on eBay, I saw the¬†1925 edition selling for $75.00.

    If you happen to fall on a copy of this book , don’t hesitate to buy it Mairiuna. What’s great about¬†The Scottish Chiefs is the way Jane Porter has structured her plot around historical facts while adding romance to it all. Result ? A thrilling rendering of the times of William Wallace, Robert the Bruce, Edwin Ruthven and Andrew Murray.

    She bathes them in glory and we see them with her eyes; but though “Scottish Chiefs” is a panageric, rather than a formal history, it has been accepted by critics as genuine in spirit, if not in absolute detail” says Kate Douglas Wiggin in the introduction.

    The Scottish Chiefs - Jane Porter

    The Scottish Chiefs - Jane Porter

    First published in 1810, her book gained popularity very fast and propagated the story of William Wallace  in such a vivid and vibrant way that kids and adults alike could hardly put the book down.

    Jane Porter was good friend with Walter Scott and they visited each other quite often. In one of the rooms inside William Wallace monument there is a superb bust of Walter Scott.

    Reminds me‚Ķyou still owe me a picture of¬† William Wallace‚Äôs sword.. ūüėČ

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    15 comments to ‘The Scottish Chiefs’ by Jane Porter

    • wendy

      I have a copy of this book (i think) the scottish cheifs by miss jane potter, published by james duffy 1841

      • Thanks Wendy for taking time to comment. Duffy’s 2 volumes was indeed published in 1841. Mairiuna has an undated illustrated edition but owner’s writing inside the book shows 1884 and her copy is published by Routledge & Sons. Would be great to list all the editions of this very interesting book.

    • greg howell

      I have a copy of the book left to me by my grandmother whose maiden name was Bruce. In physical size the book is very small (5.25″ x 3″).The copy of the book I have states as follows;
      Published by D Huntington
      T & W Mercein printers

      What is the value of this book in your opinion?
      Greg Howell

    • William Colonero

      Dear sir. I have the orignal copy of the book I got at an antigue shop for only $16.95. the year in which I think it was made in is 1831. I have not yet read the book. Plus I have a repordiduction of the Will Walce’s sword which is called a Claymore.

    • Mike

      My book is published by Donohue and Henneberry of Chicago. Can anyone give me a date on this book? Thanks so much. Hope to hear soon


    • ross white

      hi,i have a copy of this book printed pre 1900 published in england for E.W.COLE in australia it has a morone colored embossed hardcover and has only one black and white plate which is of william wallace in battle upon his horse he is heavily armored and the horse has a coat on.cheers

    • keith

      I have an old hardback copy with no publishing marks, only a hand written pencil note saying merry x-mas 1890. Just started reading it, it has a dark maroon cover and fragile pages, who can I talk to about referencing both printing date and price?

    • Alice

      I have my mother’s copy of the Scottish Chief’s published by Hurst and Company. The inscription inside says “December 25, 1902” so I am assuming it is a Christmas present to my grandmother. The font is tiny and there are no pictures.

    • Alice

      Hurst and Company Publishers, New York
      I also have the Wyeth version, which is just beautiful!

    • Van Frier

      I have a copy of The Scottish Chief un-illustrated version. called the Standard edition…
      The first page contains a date of 1831 and was published by W.M. L. Allison Company of New York.
      The Title page also says it is Illustrated making me think it is a pre-offering copy.
      It is signed ‘To Jacob from Cousin ( can’t read) name.
      There are two introductions in the front. the first is dated Dec. 1809
      Can you tell me the value of this book?
      Thank you…
      Van Frier

    • alex

      I have found a copy of this book, looks like from 1841. It has just a plane dark brown cover and looks like it was published by ‘GEORGE VIRTUE’LONDON. Would this book be worth anything ?

    • Jackie

      I have a copy of this book with no publish or copyright dates. The cover is tan with black, says Arlington Edition inside what looks like a crest. The book name is on the binding. Publisher is New York:Hurst& Company. I see no illustration or introduction. It is signed to “Uncle Walter from Bert & Jeanette”. Walter would have been one of my ancestors from Scotland in early 1800’s. Can you give me any idea about date of book and value?
      Thank you.

    • David

      I have a copy of the Arlington edition similar to the one you describe. Found it at a used book sale in the 1970’s. No copyright date but have forward dated 1841 by the author. Trying to also find date of publication.

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