May 2024
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Scotland’s Highland Mobile Libraries


While touring the Isle of Skye, in the magnificent Highlands of Scotland, we simply could not resist to stop and glance inside the mobile library bus that was parked away on an empty lot.

highland libraries bus scotland

It reminded me of the delightful and vibrant moments experienced, as a child, on the days the library bus showed up with lots and lots of books on all kind of subjects! I never could borrow enough 😉

Bibliobus Highland Scotland Isle of Skye

It’s amazing how many books and other printed materials can find place in such a confined habitacle.  Makes you want to step on board and be enlightened! 😉

highland libraries bus scotland

While searching the web to gather information about Highland Librairies buses, I came across this picture of a similar library bus roaming on the Aird Road in the region of Sleat, Isle of Skye, along beautiful landscapes!


In this video, you’ll meet with Charlie, a library bus driver, who’s a legend in his community. 🙂


The history of mobile libraries goes back to the beginning of the century in countries like the US and Spain and has expanded around the world in both developed and underdeveloped countries. The methods vary from bookmobile buses to camel libraries. Although this is not as effective as electronic books, it is helping to spread knowledge and culture in places where technology and resources have not arrived.

Bookmobiles are used in many countries, but a mobile library can be run without a vehicle (mainly in the developing world).

Click here to view a variety of creative examples of mobile libraries around the world.

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