February 2024
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Scotland and Scottish on Canadian Postage Stamps

Creating a virtual museum featuring postage stamps related to Scotland could be a fascinating and informative resource for stamp collectors and anyone interested in Scottish culture and history, so I purchased a few years ago the domain

To make the website even more engaging, I thought I could include interactive features such as quizzes, exhibits and offer resources for stamp collectors, such as tips on collecting Scottish stamps, information on stamp values, philatelic accessories and links to other stamp-related websites.

Time flew by and I never got to make it happen. Well…if not now, when?

I started to make a list of the scottish related stamps  issued by Canada Post and happy to share that several stamps were issued over the years celebrating the cultural heritage and contributions of Scottish Canadians.

Some notable examples include:

scottish - cape breton canadian postage stamp

The 1951 “Cape Breton” stamp, which features a depiction of the Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia commemorates the 150th anniversary of the founding of Cape Breton Island.

The Cabot Trail is a scenic highway that winds through the mountains and along the coast of Cape Breton Island, offering stunning views of the rugged coastline, forests, and hills.

The area is known for its strong Scottish heritage, as many Scottish immigrants settled in Cape Breton in the 19th and early 20th centuries.


scottish - canada stamp bagpipes fiddler pictou nova scotia


The 1973 “Scottish Settlers and Hector Ship” mark the bicentennial of the arrival of Scottish immigrants in Pictou, Nova Scotia.

The settlers came ashore from the Hector accompanied by a piper. It is interesting to see how bagpipes have become an integral part of Canadian culture, particularly in celebrations and ceremonies.



scottish scotland bagpipes-on-stamps

The 1997 “Highland Games” stamp issued in honour of the 50th anniversary of the Glengarry Highland Games in Maxville, Ontario includes piper John Hugh MacDonald.

Highland games and activities, which originated among the Scots’ Celtic ancestors, were an integral part of the Scottish Highlands for centuries, with celebrations featuring track and field competitions, Highland dancing, piping, and drumming.

The tradition continues in Canada today. Highland games are held across the nation, notably in the Ontario towns of Maxville and Fergus, as well as in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, which claims to host the longest-running continuous Highland Games in Canada, dating back to 1863.

It’s a beginning! Wish me luck for my project.

Talk soon,




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