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    September 2023
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    Notes about “Old Mortality” by Sir Walter Scott…

    When Janice and I made our promise to Sir Walter Scott to read all his books, we certainly did not realise the magnitude of the task 😉 How many books did the great Scottish author write, I could not tell exactly but what I do know is that there are many of them! 😉

    Today, […]

    Scotland and Scottish on Canadian Postage Stamps

    Creating a virtual museum featuring postage stamps related to Scotland could be a fascinating and informative resource for stamp collectors and anyone interested in Scottish culture and history, so I purchased a few years ago the domain

    To make the website even more engaging, I thought I could include interactive features such as quizzes, […]

    Discovering the Scottish Borders: “Peel towers”…

    Recently, I came across a very interesting article published by Holly Kirkwood in the magazine Country Life. In this article Holly Kirkwood draws our attention to the so-called “peel-towers”, a type of construction typical of the Scottish Borders. “There are more than 100 peel towers in various states of repair and ruin scattered […]

    Happy Hogman-eh! a Canadianized twist…

    Happy Hogmanay, Happy Hogman-eh, Happy New Year et Bonne Année 2023!

    The Scottish word for New Year’s Eve, Hogmanay, refers to the ancient Norse festival of Yule, celebrated at the turn of the year.

    Today, the New Year’s eve party in Edinburgh, is one of the grandest, most spectacular, and most extravagant street festivals […]

    A Very Merry Christmas from Sarlat in Dordogne !!!

    Dear Readers,

    Just a few words on this very festive day to wish you all a very Happy Christmas on behalf of the whole team of Scotiana and to share with you a few pictures of our place in Sarlat, Dordogne.


    Sarlat Christmas decorations Maison de la Boétie © 2022 Scotiana