May 2024
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It’s All About Scottish Cows..

Moo… meuh…!  😉

Mairiuna, as I stumbled upon Animoto’s website and discovered that a fun video could be created in just a few easy steps 🙂 , I could not resist to sign up for an account ( they offer Free, Basic and Pro Accounts ) and experiment making a short video with pictures and video clips.

Since we had many expressive photos depicting cows taken by Jean-Claude, yourself and myself while touring Scotland, I chose a small selection from our portfolios to experiment with Animoto’s video creating resource.

Click on the white arrow above to watch the video. 🙂

These friendly, and others not too friendly cows, had us go through such a range of emotions that we should dedicate shortly some posts to storytell the many adventures they had us go through!  

Talk soon.


PS: IMHO,  it is the fastest and easiest way to create a fun video with your pictures. Try it out!


UPDATE:  Music soundtrack is from Andy Mullen‘s song “Sun Goes Up, Sun Goes Down”.


Another day gone – another dry day

That’s all it is, just one more day

Like yesterday was just a day

Just gotta take it day by day

If you can get through today, it’ll be just another day.


The sun’ll come up, and the sun’ll go down

At least, that’s all I can see from this town

Sun goes up, and then the sun goes down

I know there’s more, the world goes round

Sometimes we’re all upside down

I’m just keeping it simple, that’s what I’ve found

Sun goes up, sun goes down

Take it in stride, take it in jest

Do what you can, and hope for the best

Take what you need, and leave the rest.

Take a deep breath, everything’s a mess

Just take it in stride, take it in jest


You’re just another fruit fly in another fruit bowl

Just another snake looking for another hole

Just another stoner looking for another bowl

Just another barber looking for another pole

Just another body looking for another soul



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