December 2023
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Glenfinnan Scotland Commemorative Postage Stamps




Hi Mairiuna!

Upon reading your great article about the magnificient Prestonpans Tapestry: the Prince’s journey up to Glenfinnan… I wondered if postage stamps were issued to commemorate this milestone in Scottish history?

I surfed the web and .. by golly … found one!  🙂

It was issued  in 1981 by the Royal Mail to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the National Trust for Scotland.

Scotland Glenfinnan postage stamp

Glenfinnan loch shiel MA

Glenfinnan Loch Shiel- Bonnie Prince Charlie Monument- Scotland ©2012 Scotiana

1981-National-Trust-First day-Cover

Official First Day Cover- June 24-1981-National Trust for Scotland- Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee of Scottish National Trust FDC 1981 commemorative card

Scottish Landmarks

Scots have preserved many of the landmarks of their long and colorful history and the Scottish landscape, thanks to the National Trust, reminds us of a bygone age as we travel the roads leading to various sites of such natural beauty.

The Glenfinnan National monument was presented to the National Trust in 1938, and this towering structure is a vivid reminder of Scotland’s fiery history.

Glenfinnan Monument Information panel

Erected eighteen miles west of Fort William, it is majestically situated at the head of Loch Shiel. The sixty-five foot tower, surmounted by the statue of Bonnie Prince Charlie, marks the spot where Prince Charles Edward Stuart first raised his standard in the Jacobite rebellion of 1745.

Known to his countrymen as Bonnie Prince Charles, he led his clansmen in victory over the English. The Glenfinnan Monument captures the spirit of the early Scottish patriots.

It was erected in 1815 by Alexander McDonald who wished to commemorate “the generous zeal, the undaunted bravery and the inviolable fidelity” of his forefathers.

Source: Wikipedia

Golden Jubilee of Scottish National Trust FDC 1981

 Official First Day Cover- June 24-1981-Golden Jubilee of Scottish National Trust


glenfinnan monument scotland bonnie prince charlie

Glenfinnan- Loch Shiel- Bonnie Prince Charlie Monument- Scotland ©2012 Scotiana


Bonnie Prince Charlie statue


On our most recent trip to Scotland, in 2012, we returned to the site, eager to climb to the top of the monument to admire the scenery from this unique viewpoint.

A truly breathtaking view!

By the way…once you reach the top of the narrow spiral staircase made of stones worn out by the constant visitors flow, you must pull yourself up through a small space, to step upon the belvedere!



Glenfinnan- Loch Shiel- Bonnie Prince Charlie Monument- Scotland ©2012 Scotiana

And for going back down, it’s one person at a time; which gives ways to many conversations as you have to make sure that no one is climbing up at the same time. 😉

Glenfinnan tower warning DSC_6406

Visitors are asked to take great care during their visit to the monument. The stairs are steep and the walkway around the statue is narrow. Those who are nervous of heights, infirm or have a poor sense of balance should avoid going to the top.

No unnaccompanied children. No more than 6 persons at any one time.


Mairiuna preferred not to go up with us after reading the “Warning” plaque near the entrance, as she indeed has fear of heights! Be sure to take this into consideration if you ever contemplate to climb up the monument.


Glenfinnan memorial plaque - Scotland

Glenfinnan- Loch Shiel- Bonnie Prince Charlie Monument- Scotland ©2012 Scotiana


When the Stewart standard was raised at Glenfinnan on 19 August, Charles had rallied almost 1000 supporters, most of whom where Camerons and Macdonalds.

Hope you enjoyed 🙂

Philatelically yours!

Talk soon,


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