February 2024
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Debut Album of Scottish Singer Susan Boyle I Dreamed a Dream walks the talk…

Blackburn,West Lothian,Scotland

Blackburn,West Lothian,Scotland

A short 30-minute journey from Edinburgh’s Bathgate railway station brings you to the small Scottish village of Blackburn, where resides Susan Boyle, who became, only six months ago, following her performance at “Britain’s Got Talent” TV show in London,  a worldwide acclaimed star.

It’s been a while now that folks at the local Happy Valley Hotel Pub have seen Susan sitting at her favorite table, sipping lemonade while awaiting the next karioke session.

Upon coming back from school, where she suffered from other people unkind remarks and harassments, she would go up to her bedroom to play her albums and would sing aloud, using her hair brush as a microphone, pretending she was entertaining an audience.


That is exactly what she magnificiently did, many years down the road, surprising everyone when on TV stage , she sang ” I Dreamed a Dream ” from Les Miserables.

On that memorable night,  April 11th 2009, her harmonious voice provoked a tsunami of it’s own…with more than 1,000,000 views of her performance on You Tube in the following 36 hours!


(click on the arrow - then scroll down on the page to locate and play video)

Michelle-Coudé Lord, who’s interview with Susan Boyle was published in the Week-End section of Le Journal de Montreal last saturday, asked her to explain the choice behind the songs for her first album.

About “Daydream Believer” a 1967 song by the Monkees, she answered:

I have an advice: if you have a dream, continue believing in it and you will see what comes out of it. There is happiness for whom give itself the effort to dream.

Susan Boyle's Debut Album - I Dreamed A Dream

Susan Boyle's Debut Album - I Dreamed A Dream

I Dreamed A Dream

Amazing Grace

Cry Me A River

How Great Thou Art

Up To The Mountain

Wild Horses

Daydream Believer

The End Of The World

Who I Was Born To Be

You’ll See


Silent Night

The album is dedicated to her mother, who died at the age of 91, and to whom Susan had promised that she would do something with her life.

Mission accomplished.

Grab your copy of Susan Boyle’s Debut Album, enjoy her beautiful voice and get inspired to Dream Your Own Dream…and never give up!

Talk soon. 🙂


2 comments to Debut Album of Scottish Singer Susan Boyle I Dreamed a Dream walks the talk…

  • Susan Boyle may not be a very good looking woman but she has an angelic voice. `

  • Gerardo Nern

    Like each and every heroine on a fairytale, Susan is yet to reveal her secret magic weapon, the only weapon she can rely on, her magical golden voice. The heroine opens her mouth and came out a magical voice so true that bring those scornful eyes into tears and humbled all the cynical who heard. It was clearly a triumph for an underdog who makes it against all odds. In her triumphs many individual dreams are getting realized and several will likely be much more willing to follow her lead.`

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