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    March 2019
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    Quebec Thistle’s Scotsman of the Year 2016 : Ian Aitken


    In just a few days will take place in Montréal, at the Officer’s Mess of the Black Watch (RHR) of Canada, the annual event presented by the Quebec Thistle Committee to winners in several categories including Scottish music, cuisine, culture, athlete of the year, country and highland […]

    New Year postcards from Aubigny-sur-Nère and French Berry…

    Dear readers,

    I’m very happy to be back again on Scotiana after celebrating New Year Day in Berry, France, not far from Aubigny-sur-Nère, a favourite place of us not only because it is a very picturesque town with its half-timbered old houses but also because of its historical links with Scotland.


    9 September 1513: a fateful day for Scotland at Flodden Field


    (Flodden Monument in the distance – Wikimedia)

    Five hundred years have passed since that fateful day of 9 September 1513 when James IV, the beloved King of Scotland fell at Flodden Field, at the age of 40, with so many of his valorous friends and followers…

    My […]

    The Scottish-French Auld Alliance in three books…


    To the Lighthouse Virginia Woolf Harvest Books 1989

    ‘No going to the Lighthouse, James.’ he said, as he stood by the window, speaking awkwardly, but trying in deference to Mrs Ramsay to soften his voice into some semblance of geniality at least.

    Odious little man, thought Mrs Ramsay, why go on saying that.


    Waiting for the Scottish bagpipes in Aubigny-sur-Nère…


    Aubigny-sur-Nère teddy bears Tourist Office © 2010 Scotiana

    As it has been the case for twenty-two years now, the Scottish-French festivities are going to take place in Aubigny-sur Nère on the 14th of July. The whole town will again resound cheerfully with music, cries of joy, and the clatter of horses’ hooves as […]