February 2024
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A Selection of Scottish Authors & Books for Christmas 2021

How am I to sing your praise, Happy chimney-corner days, Sitting safe in nursery nooks, Reading picture story-books?

(Robert Louis Stevenson – From A Child’s Garden of Verses)

I could not have found more charming lines to introduce my new selection of books for Christmas than the above verses written by Robert […]

Scottish Fictional Characters

There are many books devoted to the subject of Scottish invention and discovery, as well as scores of websites listing Scottish inventions and discoveries with varying degrees of science, but one category caught my attention: the invention of fictional characters.

As per Wikipedia, more than forty (40) fictional characters were invented by Scots. Here are […]

Google Doodles Celebrating Scotland…

Hi Mairiuna!

It was truly a pleasure to read your last post triggered by Google Doodle’s commemoration of the 220th birth anniversary of Gioachino Rossini. The music was such a joy to hear!

Gioachino Rossini – Google Doodle- 29 February 2012

Thanks for sharing such great insights about Rossini and the nature of his […]

Animated “Requiem” from Robert Louis Stevenson

I sincerely hope Mairiuna that you are feeling better and wish you a very prompt recovery from this terrible flu that you are both, Jean-Claude and yourself, dealing with. 🙁

To uplift your spirits, let me show you my latest online discovery. It’s about “animated” movies of great poets, a very creative form of virtual […]

Scottish Author Robert Louis Stevenson Featured on Samoa Postage Stamps

Robert Louis Stevenson – 100th Ann Death on Samoa Stamp 1990

Hi Mairiuna! I have to tell you I had much pleasure reading your article about Robert Louis Stevenson, one of our favourite Scottish writers.

Furthermore, it was great to see such a nice variety of beautiful book covers […]