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    November 2022
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    The Dunmore Pineapple: an extraordinary Scottish garden ‘folly’



    Dunmore Pineapple roof close-up © 2007 Scotiana

    Hi everybody,

    This incredible architectural “folly”, in the shape of a pineapple, was one of our big “coups de coeur” in Scotland.

    The Dunmore Pineapple is situated about one kilometre northwest of Airth and the same distance south of Dunmore in the Falkirk council […]

    Azaleas and Rhododendrons: A Colourful Journey in the beautiful gardens of Scotland with Kenneth Cox!

    Hidden walled gardens of enormous size or strange shape, swaying semi-tropical plants on windy seasides, ferry journeys to secret plant paradises, packed woodlands of towering Himalayan treasures, sculptured stones carved with arcane riddles, vast expanses of aristocratic estates and small town gardens filled with tiny alpine treasures. These are just a few examples of […]