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    March 2023
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    Earliest Example of Written Music Discovered in Scottish Stirling Castle

    A series of 0s, Is and IIs appear on the Stirling Head, which would have graced the ceiling of the Royal Palace| Source:

    Upon viewing a documentary on TV about the medieval harp, master carver John Donaldson sprung off his seating when he heard narrator mention that in earlier historical periods, zero’s […]

    To The Sound Of Bagpipes…

    Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2007

    Wow Janice you’ve touched the heartstrings here ! Call me a romantic if you want, though I know you share my feelings, but nothing can move me more than listening to Scottish music. I’m quite a novice in the field but I know how Scottish people do love music. […]

    Scots, Who Have With Wallace Bled !

    Failte gu Alba – Welcome to Scotland

    Hi Mairiuna 🙂 You’ve now triggered my curiosity. Can’t wait to see the photograph of William Wallace’s sword. He must have been a very tall and strong man to be able to manoeuvre such a big sword !

    When I last searched my photos for that […]