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    January 2022
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    Remembering Jim Reeves ..


    Bonjour, Marie-Agnès, Janice et Jean-Claude –

    Hello again! 🙂 Ca va? – How are you all? We must have exchanged hundreds of messages in the last few years by email – and are now getting to know each other really well – so it seems astonishing that it’s over 12 months since our […]

    Momentous Events at Scapa Flow ..

    Bonjour Mairiuna, Janice et Jean-Claude! Ca va? – How are you today?

    It was lovely to see you again at the end of September, and to welcome you all for the first time to our home in Scotland – a short visit, but one filled with so many unforgettable moments! 🙂


    Google […]

    The Astonishing Flight of Rudolf Hess ..


    Overview of the medieval Cité de Carcassonne Source Wikipedia

    Bonjour Marie-Agnès, Janice et Jean-Claude. Hello again from Scotland! 🙂

    Jean-Claude and Marie-Agnès, please let me say how thrilled we were to meet you both again towards the end of April – for just the second time in our warm and cordial friendship! […]

    Up Helly Aa – Lerwick’s Night of the Year!

    Bonjour! Hello again from Scotland, Marie-Agnès, Janice and Jean-Claude!

    We both wish you – and all of Scotiana’s readers – bon courage and many happy times in the year ahead, which promises to be quite a difficult one. 🙂

    Snowdrops from Blaikiewell Animal Sanctuary, in Deeside, Aberdeenshire, UK – Source: Wikipedia

    As we write, […]

    An Enigmatic Pianist – and two Opera Stars!


    The Scots Magazine octobre 2011

    Bonjour Janice, Marie-Agnès et Jean-Claude – Hello again from Scotland! 🙂

    Marie-Agnès and Jean-Claude, do you still have a subscription to The Scots Magazine, the famous journal first published in 1739?

    We don’t have one ourselves, but were interested to find that the October 2011 issue contained […]