February 2024
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Echoes of a tragic page of history in the mountains of Glen Coe…

Such is the atmosphere of the melancholy valley of Glencoe that it still seems to be haunted by what happened there so long ago on that fatal day of 13 February 1692 when 38 members of Clan MacDonald of Glencoe were killed by government forces billeted with them. The friendly and unsuspecting villagers were slaughtered […]

Unicorn Mercat Crosses in Scottish Towns

Dundee Mercat Cross © 2006 Scotiana

Having travelled many times around Scotland, I noticed that many Scottish towns have a unicorn carved on the pinnacle of its ‘Merkat’ Cross.

Why so?…

Because the ‘Mercat’ (market) cross was the traditional heart of the burgh and although we now look at the unicorns as a […]

The Best of Scotland: Orkney Islands…


Ferry crossing to Orkney © 2003 Scotiana

Dear readers,

Today, in our quest of the best of Scotland, I invite you to discover the Orkney Islands, one of our favourite Scottish places. There is something magical in these islands of the North, something different than in mainland Scotland. In sharing our pictures […]

The Iron Man of Loch Earn, near St Fillans, Perthshire…


The iron man of Loch Earn hills and rhodos © 2015 Scotiana

At the end of last May, on our road from St Fillans to Glenturret Distillery (the famous “Grouse Experience”) and Drummond Gardens, as we were driving along loch Earn in a lovely area of Perthshire, we suddenly fell upon the […]

Back from Scotland: the Magic of Alba…


Fyvie Castle Mairiuna opening the gate © 2015 Scotiana

What would he find there ? What new friends would he make ?

What new songs would he sing ? Over what graves would he stand a moment in thought ?

(In Search of Scotland […]