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    Scottish Fictional Characters

    There are many books devoted to the subject of Scottish invention and discovery, as well as scores of websites listing Scottish inventions and discoveries with varying degrees of science, but one category caught my attention: the invention of fictional characters.

    As per Wikipedia, more than forty (40) fictional characters were invented by Scots. Here are […]

    Quebec Thistle’s Scotsman of the Year 2016 : Ian Aitken


    In just a few days will take place in Montréal, at the Officer’s Mess of the Black Watch (RHR) of Canada, the annual event presented by the Quebec Thistle Committee to winners in several categories including Scottish music, cuisine, culture, athlete of the year, country and highland […]

    A visit to Alloway In Memoriam of Robert Burns…



    Bust of Robert Burns in Alloway Memorial © 2012 Scotiana

    Today is a date not to be missed on the calendar for it is the anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns, the great national bard of Scotland whose poems are known and sung all over the world… so let us celebrate […]

    An Enigmatic Pianist – and two Opera Stars!


    The Scots Magazine octobre 2011

    Bonjour Janice, Marie-Agnès et Jean-Claude – Hello again from Scotland! 🙂

    Marie-Agnès and Jean-Claude, do you still have a subscription to The Scots Magazine, the famous journal first published in 1739?

    We don’t have one ourselves, but were interested to find that the October 2011 issue contained a […]

    ‘Daft Pate’ Macmillan of Courthill Smithy, Pioneer of the Pedal-Driven Bicycle ..

    Bicycling ca 1887 😉 Hy Sandham Aquarelle print by L. Prang & Co Source Wikipedia

    Bonjour Marie-Agnès, Janice et Jean-Claude! Ca va? – How are you? 🙂

    We’d like to tell the story today of the quiet, diffident Scotsman who is generally accepted as the inventor of the bicycle; but first, please […]