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    September 2023
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    Nessie in Art : Fascinating History of Loch Ness Monster

    Nessie in Art | The Loch Ness monster, or Nessie for short, is a cryptid (an animal such as Sasquatch that has been claimed to exist but never proven to exist) that is said to live in the murky depths of the Loch Ness Lake.

    This mysterious, aquatic being has been the subject of many […]

    For World Earth Day Scotland Turns Off Her Lights …

    “When is the best time to plant a tree?” The answer: “Twenty years ago. The second-best time? Today.” Old Proverb

    Earth Day 2012 Source: NASA


    World Earth Day is organised by the environmental charity WWF in an attempt to draw greater awareness for climate change and for more action to […]

    Google Doodles Celebrating Scotland…

    Hi Mairiuna!

    It was truly a pleasure to read your last post triggered by Google Doodle’s commemoration of the 220th birth anniversary of Gioachino Rossini. The music was such a joy to hear!

    Gioachino Rossini – Google Doodle- 29 February 2012

    Thanks for sharing such great insights about Rossini and the nature of his […]