February 2024
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Happy Hogman-eh! a Canadianized twist…

Happy Hogmanay, Happy Hogman-eh, Happy New Year et Bonne Année 2023!

The Scottish word for New Year’s Eve, Hogmanay, refers to the ancient Norse festival of Yule, celebrated at the turn of the year.

Today, the New Year’s eve party in Edinburgh, is one of the grandest, most spectacular, and most extravagant street festivals […]

Happy Hogmanay, Happy New Year et Bonne Année 2018!

As you’ve guessed, Hogmanay is the Scottish New Year. Nobody is quite sure where the name comes from. A few theories include the Gaelic Og maidne or new morning and the Norman French word hoguinane which was derived from the Old French anguillanneuf or “Gift at New Year.” Hogmanay’s roots reach back to […]

Happy New Year Bonnie Scotland!


It’s now 2013 and Scotiana’s team is happy to celebrate, with you all, this great moment 🙂 ! Happy New Year ! Health, Peace and Joy to everyone and may all your wishes come true ! ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ A New Year toast said by Scottish people ? “A guid New Year to ane an’ a’ […]

Snowdrop Festival in Scotland


Snowdrops Bank Hall Lancashire England – Source: Wikipedia

Words rise out of the country. They are around us. In every month in the year we are surrounded by words.

(Shall Gaelic Die? Iain Crichton Smith)

Snowdrops Scotland – Photo Shendry (Flickr)

Winter […]

Scotiana’s Top Choices in 2009 Wigtown Book Festival

A good festival should be an encounter: with ideas, people, cultures and the landscape. It should look outwards but rejoice at the best of what’s local.

Adrian Turpin . Festival Director

For those who, like us, cannot attend the Wigtown Book Festival this year, […]