June 2024
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Happy Hogman-eh! a Canadianized twist…

Happy Hogmanay, Happy Hogman-eh, Happy New Year et Bonne Année 2023!

The Scottish word for New Year’s Eve, Hogmanay, refers to the ancient Norse festival of Yule, celebrated at the turn of the year.

Today, the New Year’s eve party in Edinburgh, is one of the grandest, most spectacular, and most extravagant street festivals […]

Earth Day celebrations in full swing across the world

Time flies! And with it another month has come and gone…and on the eve of a new month, in all time zones, it may be April’s Fool’s Day, but the need to protect our planet is no joke.

April is Earth Month, and April 22nd is Earth Day but should we not celebrate our beautiful […]

15 August 2021: Happy Birthday Sir Walter!!!

Today, 15 August 2021, is a keydate on the Scottish calendar. It is the 250th birthday of Sir Walter Scott, one of the most popular authors in Scotland and his popularity goes far beyond its frontiers. As one of his French admirers, I could not help writing a few lines on Scotiana today. How I […]

Happy Hogmanay!

The countdown to 2020 is well and truly on…..A guid New Year to ane an` a` and mony may ye see!

Happy Hogmanay from Scotiana! Our team wishes you all the very best of Scottish travels in 2020 and throughout its decennial 🙂


Happy Hogmanay, Happy New Year et Bonne Année 2018!

As you’ve guessed, Hogmanay is the Scottish New Year. Nobody is quite sure where the name comes from. A few theories include the Gaelic Og maidne or new morning and the Norman French word hoguinane which was derived from the Old French anguillanneuf or “Gift at New Year.” Hogmanay’s roots reach back to […]