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    September 2023
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    Red Front Door Means Mortgage-Free ?

    Red door in an old house in Scotland

    Red door in an old house in Scotland

    Once upon a time, in a quaint village nestled amidst the rolling hills of Scotland, there lived a man named Robert. Robert was a hardworking and determined individual who had spent most of his adult life striving to own a house. He dreamt of the […]

    The wonderful colours of Scotland: BLUE…



    Birmingham-Glasgow flight © 2003 Scotiana

    Dear readers,

    Last time I opened our photo albums to share with you pictures of Scotland in its gorgeous spring yellow colour but YELLOW is only one of the many wonderful colours which give Scotland such an irresistible charm. Today, I would like to make you […]

    The wonderful colours of Scotland: YELLOW…


    Bettyhill North Coast blue waters and yellow gorse © 2006 Scotiana

    There’s something magical in Scotland and, like Gandalf the Grey, Scotland can be grey but also radiant and multicoloured.

    In the morning you feel as if you were going to disappear between sea and sky in the […]

    The Colours of Scotland

    Ferry Mallaig-Skye – Sept 2003

    Yes Janice, let’s embark on this long journey around Scotland!

    I’m eager to show our friends how beautiful the colours of Scotland can be though our Scottish journey began on such a grey and misty day. Mind ! grey has its beauty too.

    Anyway, there’s something magical in […]