February 2024
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Charles Rennie Mackintosh Trail in Roussillon: Amélie-les-Bains


These photos of Margaret and Charles Rennie Mackintosh date from a time when they were young and happy, still brimming with enthusiasm and activity, working together at great projects. Portraits of the Mackintoshes at the time of their arrival in the south of France, in 1923, would certainly show the ravages […]

Charles Rennie Mackintosh Trail in Roussillon: Collioure


Art is the flower – Life is the green leaf. Let every artist strive to make his flower a beautiful living thing – something that will convince the world that there may be – there are – things more precious -more beautiful – more lasting than life. But to do this […]

Charles Rennie Mackintosh Trail in Roussillon: Port-Vendres


Before resuming our ‘Journey around Scotland‘, with next episode leading us to Glasgow, mainly in the steps of Margaret and Charles Rennie Mackintosh, why not make a detour via the Roussillon, in this very nice and sunny region of France, where the famous Scottish artists spent the last and probably the […]

Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s Watercolours…


Charles Rennie Mackintosh circa 1900

“Let Glasgow Flourish” can we read on the city of Glasgow coat of arms…

Charles Rennie Mackintosh is certainly the artist who most contributed to make Glasgow flourish! The Art Nouveau style he gave to a number of buildings in his native town, and which came to be known […]

Charles Rennie Mackintosh Trail in Roussillon: Ille-sur-Têt

The Mackintosh Trail in Roussillon, known in France as ‘Le chemin de Mackintosh’, was inaugurated in Port Vendres in June 2004 in memory of the great Scottish artist. It was created on the initiative of the Mackintosh Association and it is marked all along its way with panels put on the many different Mackintosh’s […]