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    February 2023
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    Wigtown: “A Mind Amongst Books, Like Fire In The Heather”

    The Wigtown Ploughman Hotel

    On our next Scottish itinerary, we’ll certainly not leave Scotland without spending a day or two in Wigtown. That’s really a nice little town and of course, as we’ve already mentioned it, a fabulous place to buy books, especially the old ones we are looking for desperately and which have […]

    From Mitchell Library to Loch Croispol Bookshop

    Books books books! What insatiable bookworms we are, Janice, “de vrais rats de bibliothèque” as we would say in France. Are we going to become like Inspector Rebus? Remember what Ian Rankin has written about him in Knots & Crosses?

    Rebus collected unread books. Once upon a time, he had actually read the books that […]

    A Glasgow Landmark: The Mitchell Library

    The Mitchell Library-2007

    As you mentioned in your last post Mairiuna, Glasgow was chosen as the European City of Culture and I would like to emphasis a bit more on this “European” cover by telling you that since the extension was given to the building in the 70′-80’s, The Mitchell Library, one of […]