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    August 2022
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    Let Glasgow flourish!

    Glasgow Coat of Arms – 2007

    This is the tree that never grew.

    This is the bird that never flew.

    This is the bell that never rang.

    This is the fish that never swam.

    (Traditional rhyme associated with the symbols of Glasgow’s coat […]

    Glasgow: A Sense Of Place in Scottish Crime Fiction

    What a great tour into Sue Walker’s literary work you just guided us through Mairiuna!

    It is so interesting that I will continue on the same path for a while and explore how the unique atmosphere of a particular place provides inspiration to an author. And come to think of it, to capture such “sense […]

    A Sense of Place in Scottish Fiction and in Scotland

    What a good idea, Janice, to have chosen this quotation from Sue Walker. It perfectly illustrates the idea of a “sense of place” which has always played so important a part in Scottish literature.

    Sue Walker is a popular Scottish crime fiction writer. As she was born and has lived for some time in Edinburgh […]

    Edinburgh: A Sense of Place in Scottish Crime Fiction

    Sue-Walker-Scottish-Crime-Fiction-Author photograph by A Hargreaves

    (…) “I was asked by an acquaintance recently how the inspiration for my novels came about. A common enough question and I had a straightforward reply. ‘Location, location, location.’ And that answer, to a great extent, is the whole truth. It is certainly the case that the […]

    A Sense of Place… Discover Edinburgh through Ian Rankin’s Inspector Rebus Stories

    England Motorways

    Take a good detective novel with you in the car, read it or listen to it and you’ll soon forget bad weather, heavy traffic and long hours of driving on dull motorways. As Janice mentioned it to you, in her last post, that’s exactly what we did on our long journey […]