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    April 2017
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    The Scottish Tales of Moray Firth with Hugh Miller…

    Hugh Miller was born in 1802, in Cromarty. It is a lovely little town, a former royal burgh, situated at the end of the so-called “Black Isle” which, contrary to what the name suggests and also, on a quite different register, contrary to Herge’s description of the place in his volume of Tintin entitled The […]

    The Magic of Scottish Folk and Fairy Tales for Christmas…

    Some time ago, our daughter’s best friend was looking for ideas of Scottish fairy tales books for her young daughter and she asked me if I had suggestions. I needed no more to turn to my library for over the years I have collected a number of such books and… guess what… hardly had I […]

    Scotiana’s Books for Christmas: “The Coming of The Unicorn”

    Gather the bairns and the grown folk and set sail for a fine collection of Scottish tales retold by a master storyteller!

    Williamson was celebrated for a lifetime of traveling the byways of Scotland, collecting and telling tales. In these 18 stories, broonies, fairies and, of course, a unicorn cross paths with common folk […]

    Discovering Scottish Unicorns: Dunfermline

    Abbot House Unicorn in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland © Scotiana 2015

    In every form or shape, the unicorn has always fascinated me and thus, I have gathered many collectables over the years, be it stamps, figurines, book covers, illustrations, postcards, photos…you name it!

    So, it is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to […]

    Unicorns from Scottish Kings to Canadian Coat of Arms

    Did you know that the unicorn gold coins of Scotland are among the most famous and curious of all gold pieces?

    Greg Reynolds wrote a very interesting article in his series about the fabulous Eric Newman Collection of European coins that went on sale in early January 2014 in which he states :

    Scottish Rarities